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Great Ships Initiative (GSI) is a regional effort devoted to ending the problem of ship-mediated invasive species in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System and globally. Since its establishment in 2006, GSI has provided high quality independent performance/verification testing services to developers of ballast water management systems (BWMSs) at the bench, land-based and shipboard scales.
GSI News & Updates

October 2013 - NEMWI President signs Memorandum of Understanding, on behalf of GSI, with 16 other Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) Test Facilities to work together to improve and harmonize the quality of BWT performance testing globally....MORE.

September 2013 - GSI has released a policy governing the publication of data and findings associated with "Independent Laboratory", "Non-US Type Approval" and "Status Testing" test activities...MORE.

March 2013 - GSI has just released a technical report on shipboard testing of a BWMS involving sodium hydroxide (NaOH) .....MORE.

August 2012 - GSI, in partnership with NSF International, MERC, and Retlif Testing Laboratories, has just received U.S. Coast Guard approval to become the first "Independent Laboratory" for the evaluation, inspection, and testing of ballast water management systems..... MORE.


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